Astral-Dream World Rules

New character with level = Cha
Can be any class
Either keep current Race or make any race up to 15 RP
Keep mental stats, use same mental stats arranged any way you choose for your physical stats
Outfit your character with gold equal to a level 12 character.

You can move normally for the terrain you are in. At the start of your turn you can try to move in any direction as a Fly spell with a successful Wis 15 check as a move action . You can move in this way for a number of rounds equal to you Wis modifier after which you will have to make another check. If you fail any subsequent checks you fall to the ground at the start of your turn.

The terrain of this plane is very unstable.
Every 1d3 rounds a new terrain will appear. Roll 1d6 and consult the following table.

Roll Terrain
1 Flat Plains – No movement penalties
2 Lava with platforms
3 City Scape with Tall 50 ft high buildings
4 Under water (but get free water breathing)
5 Astral Plane rules (You can start moving in a direction but it will take a Wis 15 check to stop or change direction. +6 bonus on check for each additional round you fail.
6 Light Forest with patches of difficult terrain.

Magic is somewhat unreliable here, although some of the effects can be mitigated by a strong caster.
Roll a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) – 5 and compare it to the following table.

Roll Effect
2 Wild Magic
3-5 Spell rebounds on caster if the target was someone else, if not the spell fizzles. Caster automatically fails any save and spell points spent on the spell are lost
6-7 Spell fizzles and any spell points spent are lost
8-9 Spell is cast at minimum caster level and all effects and variables are at that caster level.
10-18 Spell works as normal
19-21 Spell has the metamagic feat Empower applied for free
22-24 Spell has the metamagic feat Maximize applied for free
25 Spell has both Empower and Maximize applied for free
26 Spell’s cost is returned at the end of the character’s turn
27 The origin square of the spell can be any square within close range of you
28 – 29 The spell’s duration is doubled, or if it is instantaneous the spell is quickened
30 The spell is quickened
31 The spell is cast at +2 caster levels for any effects and variables
32 The spell’s save is increased by 5 and SR checks have a +5 bonus to penetration. If the spell is harmless it cost no points to cast.
33 You can change the save of the spell to any other save of your choice. If the spell has no save then it costs no points to cast.
34+ The spell is cast as normal and you regain spell points equal to the level of the spell you just cast up to your maximum.

Astral-Dream World Rules

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