House Rules pt 2

House Rules

These are in addition to existing house rules.

Class Changes

Barbarians, Monks, and Rouges can choose between Standard and Unchained versions. Monks may have access to core monk’s archetypes on a case by case basis.

Crits and Fumbles

  • You can use the crit deck if you want (decided at the beginning of a session). However if you do you must use the fumble deck also.
  • All crits and fumbles require a confirmation roll unless otherwise noted.
  • You do not draw Crit cards when you crit. Instead each session you draw a number of Crit cards equal to 1/2 your character level. Once per game day you may choose to replace your hand with a new hand with an equal amount of cards.
  • When you confirm a crit you spend a card from your hand and draw a new card. When using Crit cards, ignore all references to crit multipliers. You always use your weapon crit multiplier. If the card does nothing except change the crit multiplier then draw another card. (Note guns and anything else that does something specific on a natural 1 or 20 use those effects in addition to above. In the case of gun misfires, the misfire happens after the effect of the fumble card).

Skill Changes

  • You can take the feat Signature Skill to get Skill Unlocks from Pathfinder Unchained.
  • To make crossbow bolts you can use either the skill Craft(Weapons) or Craft(Bows)
  • Bolt size change cost multiplier: 1x for med, +1x for each size above.

Equipment Changes


  • You can buy a stronger pull for crossbows. For every 100 gp additional you spend you gain a +1 to damage. However if your strength modifier is less than the crossbow’s total pull then you take a -2 to hit and reloading the crossbow goes up by 1 step. (Free → Move → Standard Action → Full Round Action).
  • Light crossbows ignore 1 point of Armor AC bonus and 1 point of Natural Armor AC bonus.
  • Heavy crossbows ignore 2 points each of Armor and Natural Armor AC bonuses.
  • For the spell Telekinetic Volley bolts are treated as a Heavy Crossbow with a 2 str pull so deals 1d10+2 points of damage.

Poison and Disease Changes

Use the unchained rules except change the poison damage as follows:

  • If the poison damage would reduce you to less than 1 hp instead move one step down the track. This can cause you to move down the track 2 steps.
  • Each time you fail a check you suffer the poison damage ((DC-10)/2) in addition to moving down the track.
  • A natural 20 on your save counts as 2 successful saves. If this is equal to or more than the number of saves required to cure the poison you also move up the track 1 step.
  • Neutralize Poison: This spell automatically cures the poison and restores you to healthy. You still roll the caster level check. A successful check heals 1d6 points of poison damage per 2 levels . The greater version also makes the target immune to that poison for 1 round per level.
  • Cure Disease: Each casting of this spell will automatically move the target 1 step up the disease track.7


Healing spells Outside of combat all healing spells cast are treated as being maximized but the casting time is increased to 1 minute (this includes casting from a scroll). This doesn’t apply to wands or staves unless used by a creature with 5 or more ranks in Heal or can cast the spell normally (Basically UMD’ing a wand or staff without the ranks means you can’t maximize healing spells). This never applies to potions or any other spell trigger item. In addition any creature with 5 or more ranks in heal can make a DC 15 heal check (can’t take a 10) while casting a healing spell with dice of healing. If they make the check they can add their casting stat bonus to the amount healed.
Spells All spells that depend on a caster’s stat are based off their casting stat. Not necessarily what is written.
Reincarnate No gp cost and no negative levels. Will only work on a creature 1/week


If you worship a god you may pray for aid once a session (Free Action). Roll a d%. If you roll 90%+ then your god grants you a small boon based on their portfolio. If you are a Cleric, Paladin, or Similarly strongly connected to your god add your class level to this roll. If the situation is dire and your request is linked to one of your god’s portfolios you may get an additional bonus equal to ½ your character level (stacks with cleric bonus).


  • Gain access to the first power of one of the domains your god possesses.
  • If you are a Cleric, Paladin, or similarly strongly connected to your god then you can choose either the domain’s basic power or it’s higher level power and you treat your level as 3 higher for any effects.
  • You can also ask for a domain’s spell cast as a Cleric of 1/2 your level or if you are a spellcaster strongly tied to your diety (i.e. Cleric or Paladin) then you can cast a domain spell up to your highest spell level +1.

Other sample effects are:

  • History – +10 on a history check
  • Knowledge – +10 on any knowledge check
  • Self-Perfection – +5 on an ability check or become immune to poisons and diseases for 1 hour. This doesn’t get rid of any existing poison or disease but will delay them for the hour.

House Rules pt 2

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